Back Stands Powder Coat
Stands are perfect for Oxers or Stand alone. Made from 40 x 40 Galvanised SHS. Powder Coated White Jumping heights can range from 150mm - 1700mm We will place the track to your requirements. 1 pair Stands with 1.43m keyhole track $225 (cups extra)
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44 Drum Attachables
Made from 35 x 35 galvanised steel. Cup heights from 80mm to 1380mm Package: 1 pair Attachables with 1.43 Gal Steel keyhole track and 4 nylon cups
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Cavaletti Stands
Cavaletties are an excellent training aid. Made from 50 x 50 SHS galvanised steel. Cavaletti heights 25cm, 38cm and 48cm 1 pr of stands supplied with accessories to attach pole (Please note poles are not included) 
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Gable Wings
White Powder Coated Aluminium Wing with Gal steel keyhole track and 4 nylon cups 1700mm high x 600mm wide Cup heights from 250mm up to 1550mm Light weight approximately 10.5kg each Package: 1 pair Gable Wings with 4 nylon reversible cups *Only one pair left
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